Niss Case Study: SWOT Analysis Of Nissan Co.

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Part 1:


1. Nissan raise increasingly.

2. growing its operations worldwide.

3. Nissan was productively contending on superiority, steadfastness and fuel effectiveness Weaknesses :

1. Nissan’s designs had not reflected buyer opinion.

2. Nissan managers appear comfortable to keep on harvest the triumph of confirmed designs. By 1999,

3. Nissan had engaged over $4 billion in the reserve of hundreds of other companies,


1. Nissan wanted to enlarge in more regions where it does not operate earlier.

2. Nissan devote $5.4 billion and maintain its investment grade position. Threats :

1. Nissan require a considered partner that could provide both economically and new administration ideas.

2. By generating the
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is on of the famous brand in cars industry. In this essay, I’ll discuss how we use SWOT analysis to evaluate Nissan Co. SWOT analysis is an analytical tool that is frequently prepared by business people to measure their business working progress. SWOT refers to Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.
Nissan Motor Company is a global renowned company focuses in automotives. Strengths refer to the resources and capabilities that is existing in the firm and provide competitive advantage for it. For Example, Strengths as shown in the SWOT analysis prepared for the company are Nissan raise increasingly and growing its operations worldwide. Moreover, It happens to particularly victorious in North America with an array of slighter gasoline proficient cars and little pickup trucks in addition to a sports vehicle, the Datsun 280Z. In conjunction with other Japanese manufacturers, Nissan was productively contending on superiority, steadfastness and fuel
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Downsizing is an effective process that used by companies. This essay will discuss the effects of downsizing on the organization and the employees. It will take Abyat as example of downsizing.
In order to reduce the cost, company may do that by reducing the numbers of employees and some other aspects. This refers to downsizing strategy that is done by managers. To reduce the negative effects of downsizing, managers should consider and realize that the effect of performing a sudden downsizing which must be done as a long-term plan. It is obvious that downsizing is necessary for companies that happens unnoticed and occasionally. The downsized company may loses its eagerness and optimistic. (Satariano, Adam 2013). In addition, employees will feel terrible and uncommitted to the company because of the instability and unhealthy environment because they may be terminated at any time without previous notice and also without any reasonable

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