Sb Partners Executive Summary

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The purpose of this short-term plan is to provide an outline for creating and implementing a number of new communication tools needed as the foundation for SB Partners’ 2016 marketing plan.
Plan Objectives:
Create key creative themes and content that provides consistency & frequency of messages across all mediums
Engage in innovative ways/tools to stand out from the competition and increase brand awareness
Develop metrics for achieving targets

Target Audience Overview:
Early stage (under $1 million in revenue)
Attracting early stage clients provides an opportunity to develop a long term relationship by playing an active role in supporting the growth of the entrepreneur and the company. Competitors are giving away accounting services as
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Responsive, personalized service is what has built existing client relationships and is what differentiates SB Partners from competitors. Growth of the brand has been accomplished with over 40 years of business and community development, accessibility to partners and a culture of client support.

Marketing Strategy:
Communicating the benefits of being a client vs a customer
Customers – are defined as a sale based service commodity. This customer type engages for a specific reason and does not always present opportunity to engage with additional services. However, there is a market of new entrepreneurs who are looking for the same commodity, but have not yet realized the benefits for personal & business growth by working with a firm that cares about their success.

Clients – may start out as a customer, but with SB’s service culture they transform to clients as they grow in understanding of how significant emotional support contributes to building organizational capacity and growth through-out the entire business life cycle. Clients develop as long-term, trusting relationships over time – and are key to SB’s
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Activities depicted are high performance, exciting, driven by passion and a hunger for success and excellence, but have an element of risk involved. The image concept will be flushed out into the various marketing tactics outlined in this plan.
Tactical Plan

As the creative & customer reach strategy evolves, the objective for a full updated website represents creating an existing & potential client engagement focal point. Building the site specifically to support the target audience journey, the navigation will be designed to make a personal connection between SB Partners’ team, existing clients and potential opportunities. The process to secure a vendor to develop the next generation website and design the user experience is currently underway. A detailed plan will be provided by the selected vendor.

With many changes since the production of a corporate brochure, the objective for updating includes the opportunity to create a presentation delivery that engages the target audience in an interactive, enjoyable and memorable

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