Pestle Analysis Of Strategic Management

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It is very much essential that an organization is curved by the strategic management plan and process to bring future growth in the business in terms of global market insight and profitability of the specific organization. The systematic and formative analysis of the factors and steps incorporated with the external environment of the organization as well as the internal environment give it a boost to strategize marketing and management plan in easier way. In this case study, the strategic management plan of Mintzberg and Waters evolved out with the insight of specific example and the organization has maintained those process in a dynamic way.
Question one
Analysis of external environment and its tools and techniques to help the
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The Shaksy Group has considered this analysis in their business view to progress and fetch success for the organization in future. The political factors are one of the most essential factors in this criteria where the organization get the information about government policies and other facts and with this view in mind the organization progress in the market (Navarro-García et al. 2014). The Oman government and legislator body has a direct reference in the business as they are privately owned company and provide a wide array of services to the customers. The business includes the political stability, tax policy, labor law, foreign trade policy to fetch success from the overseas customers, trade restrictions, environmental law and the organization also respond to the anticipated and current future legislation and fit and adjust their marketing process and policy with consideration to that factors (Hueske et al. 2015). The economic factors of the organization is also a significant impact on the business and in that relation to the market overview they strategize the profitability of the market. The economic factors of The Shaksy Group include the interest rates, economic growth, exchange rates when the organization operate with other business, inflation, the …show more content…
The organization need to seek the understanding and knowledge about the rival offers from other firms seeking to serve the same customers. The Shaksy Group, by the help of the managers need to bring innovative and creativity to charm the customers in a new way for the competitive moves.
Market analysis:
The organization seeks to evaluate the current needs of their target and new customers because for any business, it is very much important that they know about the market and according to that value they can able to strategize the market plan and implement that market plan thereafter. The emerging needs to future customers are essential to know for the organization and in accordance to that the company will innovate and create their products and serve the customers to their best value and reach up the desirability level of the customers (Shaksy Group, 2017). As the Shaksy Group has many service and product offer for the customers so they need to segment the market to get the acknowledgement about better customer

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