Designpac Case Study

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DesignPac: Story of a freelance designer who started his own company
Before starting a designing company, Suman Jung was a freelance designer who used to earn handsomely. But, he slowly started to feel that freelancing is not that secure job. So, he thought of starting a designing company together with four other friends, and provide a unique type of services.
DesignPac was formally launched on July 4, to provide designing services in package basis, unlimited designs every month.
“Generally, design services are not provided in packages, but they came up with this unique business model. After paying a monthly subscription fee, we do provide unlimited design services to the clients,” shares Suman.
They mainly provide the services to the international
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They mostly hire freshers in the team, as interns, and provide an opportunity for them to work and grow in a professional environment.
“For us, it was very hard to get clients in the beginning,” Suman shared the common challenges that every other startup companies have to go through.
They have been providing monthly design services in three packages: Starter ($199), Small Business ($299), and Agency ($499). And, as per Suman, most of their clients opt for Small Business packages.
Any of the design works would be delivered in a maximum duration of 3 days, on the basis of orders for designs. To add more, unlimited revisions of the designs are possible, and next order from the same client would be accepted only after the completion and delivery of the first order.
As a freelancer, Suman shares that had worked with over 60 clients. He was successful to turn many of them into the clients for DesignPac.
Talking about marketing and promotion of the company, he mentions of social media marketing and writing blogs on a regular basis at the DesignPac website that would help attract clients.
He finds the response from the clients so far is very
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But, we’ve yet not reached the position we had expected to reach while starting the company. We had set a different roadmap while we started with 5 co-founders. As three of them left the company shortly after its formation, it was pretty hard. The path was broken after that, and we somehow diverted our focus,” says Suman about the journey so far.
They currently have 6 members in the team, and have already worked with 15 clients so far.
The future
In the duration of 5 years, they want to create DesignPac as a brand, and make a mass of people know that it’s a professional designing service providing company that provides its services on monthly subscription basis.
As they also run Cinqsnipe Technology, a designing training company, they want to bring all people interested in graphics designing, and provide them an opportunity to grow. They also want to produce professional designers from the company.
The challenges
“The major challenge for a designing company is to get a client. Until we have a client, we can’t produce good designs. And, showing the great works done by us is the best way to reach our probable clients,” says Suman. “It’s also challenging for us to make the clients know that it’s not the work at a cheaper cost what matters, but the quality of work,” he

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