Graphic Design Mistakes

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Common mistakes that Graphic designers make.
What is graphic designing? Graphic designing is an art of creating a visual image to communicate something to the targeted audience. It involves a creative process of thinking and reasoning which aims at achieving certain objectives as per the plan with the use of images, symbols or words. Graphic designers act as a link between the client and the audience. They help shape up the project by creating, designing, developing and marketing a visual image in order to attract the audience. It helps in advertising, web development, print media, animation and multimedia. Graphic designing involves 2 types that is the Image based designing and Typography.
Image based designing which involves illustrations
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A lot of time has been wasted procrastinating and working up creative ideologies to meet the expectations of their clients. A designer cannot work without knowing the requirements of their clients. Hence, they need to be good listeners and keep note of all that they need to know based on their client’s designing project. They need to concentrate and focus on what really matters to them and then carry out their work accordingly.

• Wrong usage of typography and fonts:- Designers often end up in unfortunate consequences causing them to restart work from the start and one of the main reasons behind this is due to the constant usage of different font styles. Constant usage of different font styles causes consequences to get confusing and cluttered. Thus designers need to give a great amount of significance to using only professional font styles that would match up to the expectations of their clients in order to meet the standards of the project.

• Failing to run a check and
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The contract must be signed by the client before starting the project mentioning the price, the delivery date, designing trends and the clients need to agree with the contractual agreement stated on the contract before actually getting involved in a project. By maintaining a contract, they project tends to get carried on well, and they designer is paid accordingly.

• Speeding up in the last minute:- After maintaining a contract, designers tend to procrastinate in starting their project. They fail to understand the logic- “The earlier, the better,” hence designers need to start working up the project the moment they sign up the project to ensure that they are done on time and don’t have to fail unfortunate consequences in the form of frustration and rushing through the project in the last minute. That will only cause the designer to lose hope in the project and will thus be carried out in the wrong way.
So, do you think you have what it takes to be a perfect graphic designer; the kind of designer who is aware of making mistakes and trying to avoid them? If you believe that you have what it takes, then follow your passion and battle through the odds of pessimism and rise up to achieve and make it big in the designing industry.
Always remember- “Everybody makes mistakes. Only wise people tend

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