Essay On Customer Loyalty In Graphic Design

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Growing a Graphic Design Business and Customer Loyalty
A growing body of research on building a graphic design business is an indicator that is a topic of importance to the business world. Upteen amounts of small businesses are working towards having their companies grow and become a well developed franchise. A extensive amount of researchers and educators are demanding a way to identify the certain variables their business can have, in order to gain more clients and have a repeat of customers. Graphic Design is defined as the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books (Google). Having repeat customers are highly important for every type of franchise, that wants to become successful. It may be challenging
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Graphic Designers can grow their business through learning what the customer wants, providing quality work, and by enticing customer trust.
The research on growing a business and earning customer loyalty is becoming essential to figure out the best possible ways to advance in the world of graphic design. In order to evaluate how a graphic designer business can flourish, you have to understand the business world. An important part in figuring out the way business works, is through gathering information on the client and getting to know them on a friendship level, make them feel like an important asset to your company. In an article, “The Language of Graphic Design” written by Lauren Pipworth, she essentially discusses how a person working for a client needs to obtain all of the information before proceeding with the job. The clients may not give you specific details on how they want they job. But, they may only give a couple certain things they want and have you figure out exactly how.To gaurentee the customers wants and needs are correct ask multiple questions and repeat the questions. Its

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