Roles Of A Nurse Essay

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A Nurse’s Role in Healthcare Today
A nurse has many roles in the healthcare field today, and those roles can differ due to the variety of nursing specialties. Nurse Anesthetists, Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Midwives, and Perioperative Nurses all have very specific duties and specialized knowledge in their respective fields which separate them. Even though some roles are limited to the classification of each nurse, there is a core set of skills and knowledge that every nurse must obtain in order to fulfill the title of being a nurse. The most obvious role is the physical care of the ill and injured through their knowledge of the science of nursing. The care that hospital nurses provide is often times through the administering of medicines and
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The education of patients on good health practices and the teaching ways to promote a healthy lifestyle are key elements of being a nurse and are accomplished by learning and understanding the cultural background of each individual patient and tailoring it to their plan of care. Knowing that each patient has varying economic standings, social habits, and cultural differences are crucial to being effective in helping patients improve their health through health plans and lifestyle changes. For example, when working with an obese adolescent, a nurse needs to understand the familial history and recognize the environment that the child is in related to their general diet. If the child’s family is predominately obese with unhealthy eating habits of fatty foods, then the nurse needs to aid the family in altering their diet to better food choices within their cultural palate. I envision myself as a Nurse Practitioner who embodies all of these roles. I would coach my patients on how to have healthy lifestyles regarding diet, exercise, as well as ways to manage other general chronic health conditions. I would also understand that there are groups of people in specific high-risk environments and I would further understand the specific health risks that they encounter such as gun violence, …show more content…
My bloodline is colored with green and white. My mother, grandfather, and many aunts and uncles are MSU Alumni and have passed on the Spartan Spirit to me. Once it was my time to start college, my heart knew no other place than MSU. Now that I’m living my dream of being a Spartan, my ambitions of becoming a nurse are stronger than ever. MSU is known for a few things, its legendary football team, the great Red Cedar, and its Nursing School. Michigan State’s College of Nursing one of the top nursing schools in the country which makes it widely respected, but also feared because of its competitiveness. The competitiveness of this program doesn’t intimidate me, it only inspires more me to become an MSU College of Nursing student. To be a part of an exceptional university such as MSU is one thing to be proud of, but to add being a part of such a highly esteemed program such as the MSU CON would be an honor. Coming from a strong bachelor program like the MSU CON will prepare me to achieve my ultimate goal of becoming a Nurse

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