Roles And Responsibilities Of Public Services Attending An Incident

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During this assignment I will discuss the roles and responsibilities of Public Services attending an incident, including non-statutory, statutory and voluntary agencies and how they work together during these times. …show more content…
Once at the scene it is down the paramedics to assess the scene and recognise which casualties need attending too. From personal experience working with the ambulance service I have been told on a number of occasions that the way they determine who needs the most help is by the people who are not making noise or movement. Although you would naturally respond to the person screaming and waving their hands in the air for help the paramedics see this as a positive thing, having the energy to scream and move means you not in enough of a vulnerable situation. However if you are not moving or making noise even though you are in noticeable amounts of pain the paramedics see this as a warning sign and start helping immediately.

After taking the causalities and trying their best to keep them alive before reaching the hospital the paramedics don’t have much involvement with the victims after this point, especially not whilst they are still on duty as they will need to clear out the ambulance and set up ready for another
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Statutory agencies are what we consider the Emergency Services or Public Services such as the Police, Ambulance and Fire Services and the NHS. By law these agencies are legally abridged to help those in need. It is there legal duty to help preserve lives and respond to emergency incidents.

Non-Statutory public services are agencies such as the City Council and schools non of the agencies in this sector are ablated to help in emergency incidents nor would they be asked to help. Incidents during schools would require the assistance of teachers and staff members but none of them would be expected to know how to properly preserve a life without the help of some form of statutory service.

To help statutory services we are lucky to have voluntary services that provide their help and assistance when possible. Most of the voluntary services are set up to deal with the victims after they have received their help from the statutory services, such as Victim Support and Samaritans. Agencies such as British Heart Foundation and other charities can lend aid to victims of flooding and other serious

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