Role Of Modern Day Advertising Essay

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There are things one may never avoid observing, hearing or being told about and an advertisement happens to be one of them. Our lives are dynamic and surrounded by all sort of advertisements. When we don’t read papers, we are either on internet or watching television, listening to radio thus we become a soft target for many companies advertisement. The main role of modern day advertising is to market products of a company but also ensure a large group of customers are targeted and left satisfied so that a company can position itself and create a brand. Semiotic analysis of advertisements is a mirror of cultural norms and values in a given social set up. Thus advertisements becomes critical in this analysis due to the fact that they can be analyzed on ‘surface’ level and “ideologically or mythically on function” (a denotative and a connotative level). This research paper will analyze an advertisements Pantene Hair Fall Control "Colossus System - Raline". The advertisement is chosen for it utilizes various unique collections of signs and codes to stimulate customer perception of the product and create a lasting impression. The advertisement will be critically analyzed to demonstrate the effectiveness of signs in the ad in promoting ideologies and arouse unique responses from the target group of the product. Advertiser relayed on various signs so as to evoke and communicate a point effectively and quickly to consumers.
For the purpose of analysis, Pantene Hair Fall Control…

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