Steve Jobs Role Model

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Steve Jobs: A Role Model for Developers

In my field of mobile development, I am going to face obstacles just like in any other profession. Each day I’ll be working in front of a computer, writing and revising code, as well as collaborating with other programmers or clients. It may be hard to imagine work-related catastrophes occurring in such a setting, but one role model of mine proves that they do happen, and such obstacles can be overcome.

Steve Jobs was an ingenious developer. He founded the company Apple and was responsible for creating every breakthrough technology of the company’s since its inception. (Esquire) His life story is an inspirational one; especially to someone like me who is going to work in the same field. Jobs showed
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Jobs spent untold hours of work and hard a passion for what he did. I know that if I study hard to earn my degree, and diligently network myself in the developing community, I’ll be able to eventually make my dream job a reality. I know it will require sacrificing time and money, but if Jobs’s success showed anything it is that hard work can pay out more than one ever …show more content…
Struck by the embarrassing failure of the Macintosh Office, Jobs wanted to cut his losses and basically give the software away for free. His colleague, MRNEJg, disagreed and the board did as well. He got cut from the Macintosh project as well as the board of directors. CITE5 No longer in charge of Apple, he decided to start up two new companies; Pixar and NeXT. Pixar was an innovative new animation studio and created the hit movie series Toy Story. NeXT was a developing company that eventually got bought by Apple. (Mishra)

Sometimes, co-workers won’t agree. As Jobs showed, sometimes those disagreements can have terrible consequences. Hopefully I never face demotion in my career, or worse termination, but if I do than I can refer back to how Jobs handled his troubles. He kept an extremely positive attitude, and took his situation as a blessing. (Jobs 2005) Even if I can’t have my dream job, there are lots of other opportunities out there. Taking my experience from the job I previously hard could give me a way into a new one. Or, like in Jobs’s case, I could even start my own company or apply my expertise to a different

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