Role Customer Satisfaction Played In Bt's Total Quality Journey

Q1. Explain in detail the role customer satisfaction played in BT’s total quality journey.
In today’s world of competition, customer satisfaction is the only baseline for the survival. Customer satisfaction is considered as the most important factor behind the success of the business. The level of satisfaction among customers after consuming the product or services rendered by the BT and the quality factor helped them out in remaining competitive in their respective market. If a company provides quality in services it offers it will have a direct link to the customer and customer will automatically engage with the company and in turn, company will grow and have a strong customer base which is very vital for any company to become a market leader.
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Its benefits are better realised in the service oriented industry as it’s directly related to the customer and their perceptions. In service industry, major TQM challenges are related to the retention of the customers. So within service industry each and every aspect of the service is related to every employee so management has the key role to play in it. It is not easy to implement TQM within the industry as it requires patience as well as commitment from the respective employees and management. The BT’s CEO Pierre Dannon possessed a strong commitment to quality improvement. Pierre and his team were building a new system which would be highly focused over customers. This had helped in attaining Company’s goal of serving lifetime experience along with huge customer base. It was recognised by the management the necessity of quality approach to support the achievement of some challenging goals. The total quality approach would be obtained by involving everyone’s daily commitment. After revising the Quality program, BT had shown a remarkable improvement in the quality program. The commitment on the part of the management (CEO and his team) had been the key reason for the success of the quality program. It required immense efforts, time, courage and patience on the part of management to successful implement TQM. In service industry employees need to interact with the customer sensibly and with utmost care to …show more content…
By doing this they are able to save the time of employee and also the cost of management. In this way, they are able to reduce the cost of failure.
Achieving operational experience: TQM maintains that organisation must strive to continuously improve the process by incorporating the knowledge and experience of the employees. By focusing on continuous quality process TQM aim at achieving operational experience.
Creating new revenue stream: Team at BT works in the process of creating the possibility of new revenue streams by continuously improving the standards of quality and customer satisfaction.
Creating the Place to Work for employee: An organisation is nothing without its work force. It is the ability to the workforce that makes the business running. When people feel valued they all work to their full potential and contributes ideas that will make grow the business. If the internal employees are happy and satisfied then only they will work with great enthusiasm and lead to quality work. Management at BT worked at making the environment transparent and hassle-free for the

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