Human Resource Management: The ISO 9001 Quality Management Standards

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Resource Management
The organization has to make sure that it its resources are sufficient enough to be able to create quality products or services that coincides with its own requirements. An organisation having the adequate resources is an essential component of a QMS. The standard requires employees carrying out work in the business must be competent in the work they do, meaning that the training and education provided must be to a specific standard in order to ensure quality work.
3.4.1 Human resources
It’s said that the employees are a company’s most appreciated resource. In the standard, it is believed that the employees must be catered for in order to produce the quality the organisation desires. The standard states:
The ISO 9001:2008 standard requires that personnel performing work affecting product quality must be competent, based on their education, training, skills and previous experience (, 2012)
It is essential that human resources are kept up to scratch. That is the purpose of the standard, portraying the benchmark in terms of training
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The benefits of certification/registration
The ISO 9001 quality management systems standard offers a wide variety of benefits to an organisation. With the certification brings technological and economical welfare. It can provide precious value to any organisation if it follows the implementation method of the ISO 9001 standards. Especially with the day-to-day challenges that face a business, it can be used as an instrument to combat these problems. With the certification of the ISO 9001 standard, it can prove to be an advantageous move for establishments of any magnitude who has the intention of developing and advancing their management and operations.
If a business is ISO 9001 certified, it can be used in a way to raise quality awareness between its staff and employees. This can be a springboard towards motivating staff to guaranteeing the achievement of quality

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