Six Sigma, ISO9000, And Baldrige: A Comparison Of Quality Management

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In the current manufacturing and business world, quality management has become an important aspect. Demand by for quality goods and services is the primary reason for the pursuance of quality in the outputs. Apparently, consumers have become aware of their right to quality products and services than before. They are therefore more selective on what they purchase. This awareness has increased the competitiveness in the market, and this has forced all firms to result in quality management to cope with the competition. Several techniques have been developed to help businesses and manufacturers to attain and maintain the required quality. The Six Sigma, ISO9000, and Baldrige approach are some of the available quality management techniques. This …show more content…
The first difference relates to the focus of the system in pursuance for quality management. In particular, the Six-sigma focuses on the reduction of defects and variability in the manufacturing and business processes (Evans & William 6). Simply put, this system seeks process improvement which in turn would lead to improved output. On the other hand, the ISO9000 provides standards that help to increase efficiency in business and to improve customer satisfaction (Nichols 8). Finally, the Baldrige seeks to improve the overall business performance through the improvement of the various sectors provided in the framework (Goetsch & Stanley 22). The second difference relates to the locality of use of the quality management system. Notably, the Six-sigma and the ISO9000 are recognized globally (Goetsch & Stanley 10). Even more, the ISO9000 certification allows an organization to be in multinational business. In other words, it creates a good public image of the organization which helps improve its status of activities globally (Nichols 26). The Six-sigma is recognized globally but does not have an effect on the global business performance of the organization. Its effects are helpful only for the private performance of the business. On the other hand, the Baldrige is used only in the United States (Goetsch & Stanley 12)

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