Six Sigma Program Essay

When a manufacturing company is producing products, there have two things that need to balance for maximum productivity and profit. They are innovation and production efficiency, combined together correctly and any company will grow bigger. In an effort to increase production efficiency businesses implement the Six Sigma Program. This program doesn’t come without criticism, it is thought that it creates an imbalance by stifling innovation and creativity. To talk about this program and innovation, companies should first understand them and their effects. The Six Sigma is a quality program that is a disciplined, data-driven approach and methodology to eliminate defects in processes like manufacturing. It implements a measurement-based strategy …show more content…
Most companies believe that innovation is one of their top priorities, so they should think carefully about implementing a new workplace methodology like the Six Sigma Program. This program is a rigid process that can cause a significant blockage in creativity and innovation, as if gives employees a lack of freedom to product new ideas. If an organization is reigned by the Six Sigma program than the company will be slowed down and will be responsible for incremental innovation. The reason why is because the program is not designed to deal with the creative process. Geoff Nicholson agrees when he said that he met a guy that actually put the Six Sigma together in which he asked about innovation. In response, the guys said that the program was never designed for that, it was designed for manufacturing when starting to scale up a product.() This means that the program is not efficient to every part of the company and should be used at the right time and place. To achieve dramatic innovative products, we need to think of everyday things as dots. The innovation are the other dots, the ones others miss, ignored, or forgotten about. These other dots create discovery and come from notions, unexpected connections, ideas, and imagination. The Six Sigma Program creates a status quo in the company, prohibiting other people to see different dots that can move the world forward thus leading to only incremental innovation. Most of the techniques of the innovation process involves the creative process and not as much of statistical analysis, these produce solutions that are generally short-term. A big problem with trying to be innovated in the Six Sigma program is that there is no guarantee the organization’s viability in the long-term. For continued success in the company, that means the customer is excited by the unpredicted innovations. In this

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