Case Study: Marketing Segmentation And The Dynamics Of Segmentation

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Introduction . This paper will talk about marketing segmentations and the dynamics of segmentation. Channels of distribution and their logistics with the supply chain. Tools for marketing research will also be discussed. Ideas for quality improvement and management as well as project management will be looked at for the XYZ clothing company.
Assess Market Segmentation Market segmentation is looking at the possible elements of the market and seeing how they a line together. This is not an ordinarily used means in strategic marketing. There are two ways of using this type of marketing – priori or common sense (Dolnicar & Leisch, 2014). Because the XYZ clothing company is looking in to expanding into the region of India, the common sense method seems to be
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Therefore, it is considered to be multidimensional. Throughout the years, quality management and quality improvement have almost merged into one, its own paradigm (Ebrahimi & Sadeghi, 2013). Quality management should fit into the company’s structure. The knowledge of how to organize employees to attain a series of goals is paramount in the quality improvement of the company (Wang & Huynh, 2014).
Project Management Ideas In Terms Of Operations Part of knowing the operation terms is knowing the lifecycle of the product that you are trying to sale. It was mentioned before that quality management was multidimensional – so is project management. The project manager must understand all that is going on within the project. The project management should be the basic of the organizations project. The operations of the management team should create values that match the company and help the marketing strategy (Artto, Ahola, & Vartiainen, 2015). When making the operations of project management simple here are some tips:
1. Define what the success criteria will be for the

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