Dr. W. Edwards Deming's Theory Of Total Quality Management

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In ordered, to survive in the competitive market organization must have to transform their management style by improving quality of product & services at regular interval. Transformation required to view the system from outside hence, it is very important to understand system of profound knowledge while considering the total system. Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s has added useful contribution while we talking about system profound knowledge. Basically, he claim’s that by individually applying his four principle concept of system profound knowledge an organization can transform themselves in to profitable, customer loyal, work satisfactory & quality organization business though reducing rework, waste , staff attrition and litigation.
Main Body:- System of profound knowledge is known as a groundbase for system thinking. System is made up of subsystem and subsystem are all interrelated with each other though components, elements and people. Hence, success of system depend upon the management’s capability to optimize their total
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However, Deming’s theory become quite popular in organization because In the journal written by Petersen (1999) he discuss between Total quality management (TQM) approach and W. Edwards Deming’s approach on quality management and he found that during 1980 TQM was became very popular concept for many organization but after the success of Japanese industry during the start of 1990 Daming’s new way of ‘transformation of new style of management’ became very popular. Because TQM was focusing on longer requirement organization change while, Deming’s approach is achieve short term gain, process improvement and reduction in cycle time . Similarly, below table no:-1.1 differentiate the philosophy between TQM and Deming’s approach. However, both of their approach is similar in ordered to provide continuous effort to improve quality of product and

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