Dr Demming Accomplishments

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Dr. Deming is one of the most influential theorist ever in the world of business and many of his ideas and systems are still used to this day. Deming's long list of accomplishments includes bringing about the recovery of the Japanese economy, after the collapse of it in War World II, his ideas were to outline the importance of product quality. In his historically famous book titled Out of the Crisis, Demings listed fourteen key points on management guidelines that many large corporations are still using today as a means for greater production from employees and increased profits. Deming’s contribution to the business world have shaped not just successful corporations, but an entire country, every individual that goes into the
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Why Can’t We? This documentary highlighted the increased successes of Japanese business compared to American one's, and one of the key factors showed in the documentary were the principles of Dr, Deeming. This documentary made him a known name in the business world and increased the amount of consultants that he assisted, particularly American consultants. Ford Motor Company was one of the first American businesses to reach out to Demings, after years of losing money they were looking for a change in their processes. Deming's challenged Ford Motor’s to create a better culture within their management team. His consulting worked and Ford has been the most profitable American car company since 1986, easily beating out their rivals General Motors and Chrysler. Demings received multiple awards and honors from prestigious colleges throughout the nation, including his alma mater Columbia Business …show more content…
Deming's was much more than a theorist, his ideas were put into test with major corporations throughout the globe and time and time again his ideas were proven to improve a company's bottomline. His work with the leaders of Japan made them successful to the point that American businesses were attempting to imitate the methods of leadership that they were imploying. He saved one of America’s largest automotive companies in Ford Motors and launched them into a success that they had not experienced before. In the case of another American company Marshall Industries, they went from being worth $400 million to over $1.8 billion with the consulting of Dr. Deming. He was a business consultant up until the day he passed and his lasting impact has created countless jobs and saving large business from

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