Robots In Space Essay

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Through the 21st century, technology has come so far with making our lives easier and faster. Devices have been specially designed to cater to our needs and help us get the job done in the fastest and most efficient ways. One of the many great inventions of this age is Robotics. This invention has been so diversely used in so many fields from aiding the sick to reinforcing the military forces. Further elaboration will be provided about Robotics in the field of space.

What are Robots?
Robots are machines that can be used to do jobs. Some robots can do work by themselves. Other robots must always have a person telling them what to do.

What is Robotics?
It is a branch of computer science and a variety of engineering fields that deals with the
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Robotic Arms: Astronauts use Robotic Arms to move large objects in space. The "Canadarm" robotic arm is on the space shuttle. It can release or recover satellites. Astronauts have used it to grab the Hubble Space Telescope and this let them fix it. The shuttle and space station arms work together to help build the station. The robotic arms have added new parts to the space station. The arms also can move astronauts around on spacewalks. The space station's arm can move to different parts of the station. It has a robotic "hand" named Dextre that can do smaller jobs. An astronaut or someone in Mission Control must control these robotic arms. The astronaut uses controllers like joysticks used to play video …show more content…
The work they produce is more accurate and still high quality. They rarely make errors and are usually more precise than human workers. The quantities they produce are bigger and take less time than a human worker would have produced. Also, they can repeat working actions more than humans. Safety wise, they save workers and perform dangerous tasks instead of them, can work in hazardous conditions and endure toxic chemicals and prevent accidents by separating the workers in workcells. However, in manufacturing countries such as Brazil and China, many workers have been made redundant due to the takeover of robotics in factories and such working areas. Employee motivation has also dropped in manufacturing countries because of them believing that their jobs might be taken away from them at any time and they’re replaced by robots. Many people may disagree with the disadvantages mention because they claim that Robotics have actually helped create MORE jobs. They also claim that instead of workers being fired, they are deployed to positions of greater efficiency, effectiveness, and optimized productivity. Although difficult to quantify, Bureau of Labor Statistics data culled reveals that robotic companies are employing more than one million Americans in the material handling, manufacturing, and best-practice plant management. A study conducted by Metra Martech, a market research firm, concluded 2 to 3 million

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