Diego The Robot Analysis

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Recently, video games have started to be used as a method of helping children to recover from video games. In one example, "Diego the Robot" helps a paralyzed girl, 7, to learn how to move again. After experiencing a bleed on the brain, Grace McShane had become partially paralyzed as a result. However, thanks to Diego, she has started to learn how to move again. Video games and Diego the robot helps to support her arms with overhead cables. Meanwhile a sensor tracks the wrist and elbow positions. The video game helps to make the experience feel more like fun than actual rehabilitation exercise and for a child to really be attentive, it has to feel like fun.

Grace McShane is one of the first patients who has used the robot for recovery with this revolutionary technology. Thanks to Diego, she has begun to move independently, and the robot has not started to operate at Newcastle's Great North Children's Hospital. Diego encourages
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Children with brain injury who play video games can start to re-learn essential movements in the process. In the 21st century, robots have become an increasingly accepted form of rehabilitation, but they normally only happen for adults. Few have been used to treat children, but in this context, it is a safe approach to treating the brain injury. The advantage of this system is that it can be adjusted for difficulty as a child learns and improves from their past movements. The future of robots and video games treating patients with brain injury seems like a promising field. However, it is important that the video games target a specific set of things that the individual is trying to learn. The advantage of video games in treatment is that it feel more like fun and less like work.


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