Robotic Nursing Research Paper

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Robotic nurses in addressing challenge on shortage of nurses

Over the last few decades, technology has advanced at a rapid rate, with all the concern being directed toward robotics in the healthcare setting. Robots have been proposed as a way to assist people to stay safe and healthy and help nurses to complete a task in the hospital setting.
There is an evidence show that shortage of nurses in Singapore. which is expected to become more unsettled in Singapore as increasing demand for health care that comes with a growing and rapidly aging population. Singapore shortage of nurses, need to increase the number of locally trained nurses from 1,700 a year to 2,700 a year. For the past decade from the Singapore Nursing Board (SNB)
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The advantage of use robotic nurses in hospital setting
Robotic nurses can save manpower and time in a simple and practical way, especially with the challenges facing by Singapore with an aging population, at meantime robotic nurses, can optimize workforce and improve productivity by life and carry the patient. Furthermore, robotic nurses develop quality health care by as a reminder to help a patient in an activity of daily living.
In fact, assistance with patient’s activities of daily living does not always require nursing or other advanced skills. Let’s consider a bit of history, the word robot first used by Karl Capek in 1921. He stated repetitive tasks are exactly the type of work where robots surpass humans.

Panasonic Autonomous Delivery Robots( HOSPI) easing manpower
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Another limitation is current technology restrict modification, for example, the robot’s sensing and motor abilities. Robotic nurses not able to understand and respond human expression within a possible range of behavior.

In the long run, robots may be sufficiently perceptive, agile, and intelligent to autonomously perform nursing tasks. It’s able to work independence and improve health outcomes in the hospital setting. A number of healthcare robots have been developed, This write-up has identified the challenge has faced by hospital setting which is shortage of nurses, and importance of use robotic nurses to addressed challenge, robotic nurses are able save manpower and time in a simple and practical way, optimize workforce and improve productivity and develop quality healthcare.
In addition, people are not familiar with robotic nurses, and a robotic nurse is able to repose to a new situation, so setting up appropriate robotic role and surmount current technology restrict may be effective, Once the role of robotic nurses has been established and classified. The robotic nurses can be used in a hospital with the wide range and increase acceptance and

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