Essay on Riley, It 's Time For Wake Up

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“Riley, it’s time to wake up.” Topanga sing songed as she entered her daughter’s bedroom. A muffled response came from beneath the purple comforter. “You start school today; you should be excited.” Topanga said. “Not going” a more clear answer rang from under the covers. “Of course you are going” Topanga insisted and pulled the comforter off of Riley and the bed. “Get up, or I’ll send your father in here.” Topanga warned before she headed downstairs to go start breakfast. The thirteen year old huffed and remained in bed. She was not going to leave her bed for anyone. Ten minutes passed, and there was no sign of Riley. Topanga glanced at her husband and nodded towards the stairs. “Your turn.” she indicated while putting chocolate chip pancakes on a plate for Auggie. Cory set his coffee cup down on the kitchen island and made his way upstairs. Riley had retrieved her comforter from the floor and curled back up on her bed. Cory didn’t bother to knock as he pushed open the door to his daughter’s bedroom. “Come on, Riley. You need to get ready for school, or I will not get any of your mom’s chocolate chip pancakes. And you don’t want to deal with me, if I don’t get any pancakes.” Cory announced. Riley didn’t budge. Realizing threats were useless to the stubborn young girl, Cory sat on the edge of the bed. “Scoot” he ordered while giving her a gentle push. Riley shifted over, and Cory laid down next to her. “The world is going to keep spinning if you stay in bed all…

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