Rhetorical Analysis Of ' Marijuana Legalization Defended By Scott Kolker

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My final draft of the rhetorical analysis of “Marijuana Legalization Defended” by Scott Kolker is a composition of four total drafts. I began by getting the information I wanted down and into the right format that someone would need to make a rhetorical analysis. The second draft involved simple revisions of spelling and grammar to make sure that everything made sense to the reader and could be easily read. After our workshop in class together, I went and revised the draft to for more details that included adding more details and went into a greater detail, this ended up adding a little over a page of deeper detail for the reader to understand the points I was trying to make. My fourth and final draft was incredibly analytical of not only his paper, but more importantly my writing to make sure it was clean and clear to the reader.
The most relevant change that I made during this final revision was to recreate the thesis statement. I didn’t change it very much, however I made it much more clear and to the point. Over this year a tip that I have learned is that sometimes you have to change your thesis statement if your information doesn’t match what is in the paper, and that is why a lot of people recommend to write your thesis statement after you write the rest of the paper so that it strongly represents all the information you present. I used this idea to strengthen my thesis statement into something that really portrays the rest of the essay.
I went into a little more…

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