Rewards And Benefits Of Rewards Essay example

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Rewards have become a big thing lately, in raising kids, school, and life in general. Rewards are nice to have every once in a while in the given circumstances. Though how much is too much? Maybe starting to give rewards too often or for the wrong reasons? I think that rewards may be good for people in feeling like they have accomplished something, but I think that people give too many awards lately, therefore, people get spoiled by rewards. Not only that, but they give them rewards, sometimes, for no real reason and have forgotten why you should give the rewards in the first place. Rewards are things you earn and I think that you shouldn’t be rewarded for everything you do.

People have a thinking that rewards may help their child do better in activities. In contrast though, a study of memory done by Guajardo and Best in the article “Effect of motivational incentives on prospective memory performance in preschoolers,” this idea was looked down upon. It has been shown that children that were tested with some sort of an incentive; did not improve their memory capability or results in a few of the test given. This can show that even in something like an activity their participating in, that not all children need an incentive or reward in order to do better at the task. Although, some parent’s still think in terms of maybe if I give him/ or her this they’ll do better; which as seen in this article that’s not always the case and their kids aren’t always reward driven.


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