Analysis Of 'Losing Is Good For You' By Ashley Merryman

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Recently many schools tend to give children rewards for unrealistic reasons. Giving children rewards is important, but it has to be for a proper purpose not just for their participation. In the article “Losing Is Good for You” by Ashley Merryman, the author says that giving children rewards without deserving it have a negative outcome on them. Also, it discourages children from working hard to get the reward. At future, children will develop false understanding in their working fields. I agree with the author. Schools and parents should help students to understand that they have to work hard to deserve getting rewards.
Giving children regular reward is not motivating them because children will understand that they do not have to work hard anymore. Ashely Merryman said that children will not worry about improving themselves anymore because they know that their schools will naturally give them all rewards. That is true. In the past, children have to work hard and compete with their friends to get a reward, but now the old system is gone. The modern schools started to give all children rewards just for their participation.
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The author stated that in the future children will develop a false understanding about their achievements, and they will understand that to stay in their work or college they just have to show up. This is true. Parents and schools are teaching children that they are all equal and will all get rewards even if they did not do something worth it. Later these children at their colleges or working fields they will stop trying to be better that the rest of their colleagues. Also, children will understand that it is not important to work hard because all of them are being rewarded the same. Schools and parents should stop giving children rewards for anything they do because it will affect their progress in their future

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