Review on Diversity Training Essay

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Review on Workforce Diversity Training


Diversity training has significantly influence equality and fairness in the workplace. Many organizations may face challenges how to balance diverse workforce, and they have realised the importance of diversity as a key of their business in order to quickly respond the needs of customers. Accompanying with the global economic integration, diversity has been a priority on the development of human resource. Creating equal and fair working environment would be significantly associated the profitability of organizations. This essay will mainly review the literature of workforce diversity training from several perspectives: definitions of diversity, benefits of diversity,
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Thus, the individual who comes from diverse backgrounds is popular in the international human resource markets, as he or she may have the cultural background, linguistic advantage, and social knowledge and personal experience to adapt products or services to fit the different customer’s expectations and meet their diverse requirements (Vielba & Edelshain, 1997). And more issues of managing diversity have been integrated into business practices, especially for those multinational organizations which operate beyond its borders (Lattimer, 1998). Within an organization which values diversity, individual potential can be fully utilized and produce synergy effects, and the organization’s potential of creativity and could be enhanced (Page, 2007). Managing diversity could facilitate a firm adjusts to new challenges which include obtaining newly emerging markets, getting used to globalization trends, adapting to a changing labour market, adjusting values of the employee, and integrating updated technology and information systems (Lattimer, 1998) indicates that. Therefore, this essay will mainly review training on managing workforce diversity. It will explore the evolvement of the definition of diversity and sum up the benefits of embracing diversity in organization. Also, the paper will discuss some attitudes on workforce diversity training and

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