Review Of ' Sabira ' A Muslim Woman ' Essay

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Oanh Van
PHL 3670
Final essay Sabira is a Muslim woman. Religion is a defining aspect of her life; she has been an active member of the community, particularly in the area of women’s role in family and child nurturing. She planned on having as many children as God’s Will. God knows how much pressure she had been enduring from both families about her fertility after the first miscarriage. Yet, there she is, pregnant with her first precious baby after years of marriage with the love of her life. Her effort paid off when she finally became pregnant at a time when a baby would be very rewarding both physically and emotionally. She finally got affirmative welcomes from her in-laws. Both families were so excited about the newborn. Her husband, who is always a strong, stoic silent man, never looked so overflowing with happiness before. They were looking forward to another phase of their life together.
Nevertheless, after a doctor visit at her fourteen week pregnancy, she considered aborting her first child. The dream baby was diagnosed with pre-heart failure syndrome, in which the heart of the fetus is extremely enlarged, thus the lungs are severely under-developed. Any form of operation post-birth born little chance to save the baby’s life. The doctors came to an agreement; at this point, the condition of the fetus would only get worse and become incompatible with life. They suggested terminating the pregnancy. The news struck her fantasy into a dump of broken hearts. As a…

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