Essay on Review Of Literature And Selected Solutions

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Review of Literature and Selected Solutions

Problem The identified problem by this Action Research Project focuses on five students the author works with who cannot read a grade level passage fluently in fourth grade. Currently, these students are not receiving adequate intervention strategies in their classroom to help them meet grade level. The student’s growth assessment scores also reflect their ability as, the 40th percentile, which is not meeting grade level. These students’ previous year scores have also been below the 40th percentile in reading. These students, and, are at a tier 2 in Natrona County School district, receiving additional content beyond their core reading time. The five students work in a small group for 30 minutes everyday. They are also assessed every other week to see if each individual student is meeting accurate or sufficient growth.

Literature Review
Millions of students today are unable to read by the end of third grade. (Special-Report-Executive-Summary.pdf) This is especially the case in low-income families. According to the Annie E. Casey Foundation (2010), “Of the fourth-graders who took the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) reading test in 2009, 85% of low-income students who attend high-poverty schools—failed to reach the “proficient” level in reading” ( p. 7). Today the ability to read is vital for students to become successful and further their education. Students who struggle to read fluently at grade level…

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