Summary Of Nursing And Sociology

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Allen, D. (2001). Review article: Nursing and sociology: An uneasy marriage? Sociology of Health and Illness, 23(3), 386-396. Retrieved from

In this article the author spends a lot of time explaining how nursing and sociology go hand in hand. The article tells how nurses in hospitals and doctors’ offices need to approach their patients a certain way and how they nurse-patient relationships are viewed. In the article, it claims that nurse-patient relationships have some sort of a therapeutic value to them. Nurses help patients in their times in need and help them cope with pain and or live with it but find a means of acceptance. There are many research topics that have
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These articles contemplate how they provide to some of the predicaments that challenge methods to quality and safety. All individuals from the patients to the workers are in mind when considering quality and safety. With patients wanting to put in more input than years before new rules and regulations are needed to oblige to their feelings. The goal is to improve the safety in healthcare settings all over by including service users and patients as partners of some sort. The healthcare providers have a patient focused empowerment to make sure the patient and/or families are happy; although many patients and families do not see it that …show more content…
The past decade has had an increase in patient disputes directed towards healthcare providers in China. This has caused concern for many in the workplace and has had a negative impact on their quality of life. To avoid this from happening the healthcare workers must learn to properly deal with patients and how to approach them in different situations. In china, many disputes have been caused from minor and major issues. For instance, the article includes how some patient’s disputes have been caused by medical errors that could cause more problems if diagnosed with something they didn’t have and were being treated for nothing. Trust and listening are a major key in a patient-doctor relationship and they must trust each other to avoid any disputes from

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