The Impact Of Nurse Executive Role In Patient Safety

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Nurse executives (NE) face endless ethical issues and challenges in today’s healthcare environment in efforts to improve the delivery of quality patient care. The objective of the paper is to include a focus on the NEs role in patient safety and how pay for performance and reimbursement are established on clinical outcomes. Furthermore, concentration will be placed on the influence the institute of medicine (IOM) has on the significance of a culture of safety. Finally, discussion of how the impact of regulatory requirements and associated costs for nurse staffing standards determined by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Joint Commission (JC) affect the NE role in delivering safe effective care will be addressed.
Nurse Executive Role in Patient Safety
Patient safety has frequently been the nature of healthcare practice and nursing through the history of medicine. The increasing emphasizes on accreditation standards and error-reporting requirements have generated a tougher business case for hospitals to concentrate on patient safety (Wachter, 2010, p. 165). Constructing a hospital around the values of patient safety would have significant impacts on yield of investment. Combining safety and proficiency will reduce the expenses of adverse
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34). The vision that a hospital’s cultural obligation to safety is an significant sign of its aptitude to offer safe care has steered to developing attention in understanding and enhancing patient safety culture (Singer, Falwell, Gaba, & Baker, 2008, p. 1149). Nurse executives need to advocate for culture changes that are conducive to attaining favorable performance outcomes can prove to be beneficial for the organizations

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