Faye Abdellah Nursing Model Analysis

Children are active, curious beings and as they develop and grow they find ways to become more active through recreational activities and sports. Through the years, the intensity and aggression within sports have increased, leading to more recreational and sports related injuries. During the last ten years, emergency department visits for concussions and mild traumatic brain injuries in children and adolescents have increased (Graham et al., 2013). This increase has led to approximately 144,000 or more visits, made by children and adolescents, to the emergency department annually (Meehan & Mannix, 2010). In addition, post-concussion recovery is poorly understood and children and adolescents may be more vulnerable to concussion effects and …show more content…
She developed a patient-centered approach to nursing from her practice which she created to assist in the education of nurses (McEwen & Wills, 2014). Her intention for the model was to guide nursing care of those in the hospital, however, it has many aspects that can be applied to nursing care in community settings. In the early works of her model, there were no openly stated assumptions, however, she added 6 assumptions to the later works of the model. The assumptions are related to fluctuations and possible changes that affect nursing. The changes include: the need to appreciate interconnectedness of social enterprises and social problems; the impact of problems such as poverty, racism, pollution, and education on health and health care delivery; changing nursing education; continuing education for professional nurses; and development of nursing leaders from underserved groups (McEwen & Wills, 2014). Moreover, Abdellah and colleagues constructed a patient-centered approach to care with the creation of 21 nursing problems, 10 steps to identify the nursing problem and 10 nursing interventions that coincided with the steps of identification. The outcome would be the categorization of a patient’s health issue into a nursing problem and creation and implementation of a proper treatment plan for the patient’s health issue specific to their needs (McEwen & Wills, 2014). The concepts identified for the patient-centered approach and central to Abdellah’s theory were nursing diagnoses, nursing functions, health care team, the professionalization of nursing, patient and nursing. The nursing diagnoses are determined by the nursing problems individuals experience. The nursing functions are the nursing interventions and activities that help to resolve the nursing problems.

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