Essay about Revelation Is Unexpected : Divine Revelation

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Divine revelation is unexpected. Divine revelation brings us closer to Omni competence. Revelation has an engulfing impact; thus it is the primary trait of theological existence. Revelation is God’s unveiling of Himself; it His voluntary act of disclosure, and it comes from eternity. Transcendent revelation is an awe-filled experience which comes from God’s personal initiative. If God did not want us to know Him, we would not know anything about Him or know that He even existed, because of this we would not be able to live. Humans cannot know God’s secrets, no matter how hard and consistent we are at trying to know them. God is the one in control of what and when something is revealed to us. He is free to reveal or not to reveal Himself to us. God decides to reveal His nature at different times and at different stages. God stands at the center of divine revelation and voluntarily steps out of the otherwise hidden supernatural in order to confront man with the unknown and impenetrable. Gods of the secular religions can be completely known simply through human inquiry. Those gods can be studied and explored enough to expose their natures. It is also said that revelation can come from objects such as trees, fetishes, medicine men, sacred chieftains, oracles, or other objects. This is the belief that divine activity is always accessible to man, but he has to jump through certain “hoops” before the divine nature can be revealed to him which does not align with biblical…

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