Retail Experience Essay

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I’ve gained skills from retail, essential in dealing with people on a day-to-day basis. One of the main skills I gained working in retail is dealing tactfully with coworkers and customers. These experiences opened my eyes to the different diverse range of background and cultures, which have strengthened my problem solving and communication skills. A particular situation occurred with a coworker, which took a negative impact on my mood; but through careful strategizing was able to deal with the difficult coworker, professionally.
I worked with a “feame-claimer” coworker, who’s actions caused stress, tension, and negative moods whenever we worked together. Part of our job requirement was to hold private shopping events for loyal customers monthly, in hopes to increase sale conversions. Kelly and I worked closely on event days, and weeks before to prepare and construct new ideas for our customers, which she either failed to do or showed no interest in. After planning events alone three months in a row, tension started to
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This experience taught me to maintain self-control, before the problem escalates. Maintaining my composure was the key reason I was able to reduce risk of friction, and concentrate on problem solving. After confronting Kelly, and expressing my feeling towards her actions, I chose to separate myself as much as possible, and focus on my goals as a consequence. Getting my managers more involved in my sales achievements, helped the situation because it showed them how serious I was about increasing our sales goals. Recognition from the people that matter the most and gage performance, was my main concern. Even though I didn’t fully succeed in helping Kelly and I work better together, I believe I was able to cope with a challenging situation, which taught me the importance of communication and problem

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