Should Abortion Be Restricted Essay

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I thought that laws were supposed to protect people. Standing at my wife’s funeral, I see that some laws only cause harm. She was diagnosed with eclampsia, a disease where the only cure is to end the pregnancy, but the doctors could not treat her, because doing so would end the life of the fetus. I should have a wife and a child. Now I have neither. If she had been treated, she would still be alive and well. All women must have unrestricted access to abortions under any circumstance. Rationell would consist of the following: many women are not adequately prepared to care for a child, and restricting abortions is, ultimately, anti-feminist and anti-woman. In addition, many women experience complications in pregnancy that are harmful to both the mother and the fetus.

Abortions must be permitted because not all women are prepared to care for a child. In America, sixty-nine percent of women receiving abortions are “economically disadvantaged”. These women have a hard enough time finding the money to have an abortion, let alone the money to raise a child. A common misconception about abortions due to the inability to care for a child, is that they are mostly performed on young people. On the contrary, in Japan
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One life-threatening condition that a pregnant woman may be diagnosed with is an ectopic pregnancy, which “remains the most common life-threatening emergency in early pregnancy, accounting for ~10% of all maternal deaths in industrialized nations.” It is a condition where the egg implants outside of the uterus. The only cure is to abort the zygote, or else it will grow outside the uterus and be unable to be born, and will feed off of the blood of other internal organs. Without access to abortions, women who experience an ectopic pregnancy will

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