Essay about Responsibility For The Delivery Of Nursing Services

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Brian is a dedicated person that has a lot of skills necessary to perform his job well. According to Anderson (2012), “A leader typically has good nursing communication and interpersonal skills. True leaders must be sincere and energetic. A leader may be a risk-taker, but not to the extent that others feel that they are reckless”. I think Brian embodies all of these things. Brian assumes authority, accountability, and responsibility for the delivery of nursing services in the facility. He collaborates with facility Administration, allocates department resources in an efficient and economic manner to enable each patient to receive the care they need for treatment of their medical diagnosis. He also collaborates with his boss who is the Chief Nursing Officer, other unit directors, and various other medical professionals. Brian must also address organizations, including government agencies, to develop, support, and coordinate for accurate patient care. Brian must also possess and demonstrate a high degree of leadership, organizational ability, and communication skills. Knowledge of acute care management, policies, budgeting, personnel management, and census development is required.
Brian must know and understand the current federal and state laws and regulations that apply to the practice of nursing in an acute care setting. He should have strong organizational and time management skills and the ability to prioritize responsibilities. At times Brian may be required to make…

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