Responsibility And Engagement In School

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From the time I began school I have strived to be the best I can be in any course taken. I have acquired many qualities throughout the course of my life and have used them effectively. These qualities can also be known as habits of mind. Two that I feel I strongly acquire and have carried with me throughout the course of learning and living are responsibility and engagement. My responsibility and engagement throughout school has kept me an honor roll student. Responsibility is to be able to take ownership for one 's actions or for one 's work and to understand when one has done something wrong and to accept the consequences. Throughout English 101 responsibility has been a major factor in my work. When I forget to add something in my essay …show more content…
In geology I take responsibility for all of my work just as I do in my English class. For example I had a responsibility to do a take home test over the Thanksgiving break and I took that responsibility and did my test and finished it for the Monday we returned to school. There is many responsibilities one must take when one is taking college classes as a high school student. Another responsibility I must take is to make sure I keep up with deadlines in each of my classes to ensure my assignments are never late. Responsibility is a habit of mind that is always good to have in and out of the classroom. My mother taught it to me when I was very young and for that I am grateful because it is very useful in my college courses. Engagement is my other habit of mind that is not only used in my English class but also used in my other college course. In geology I must be engaged all of the time to understand the material. I invest a lot of time studying for my geology course. I engage in geology class because it helps me to better understand the material. For example if I know we are having a test on a certain topic I will make sure to engage in class by asking questions. Another example of how I engage in class is by taking notes and later on I invest time into reading over the notes I have taken to better understand the topic being

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