Research Paper : A Non Academic Form, And An Introduction Paper

1006 Words Nov 13th, 2015 null Page
Introduction a) In my portfolio it has documents that throughout the semester that I have worked on. It includes my annotated bibliography, a research paper, a non-academic form, and an introduction paper. I enjoyed writing these varieties of papers because I believe that it expanded my knowledge. I liked how not every paper had to be a formal paper and some of them were more laid back than others. In most classes while writing a paper making sure everything is formal and you have enough words is a big deal, but not in this one. It made it easier for me to write about.
If I would have set aside more time to write my essays I would have been able to make higher grades on them. I could have also asked other people to read over my papers instead of having just two classmates. I would have been able to catch more mistakes that I missed from just not reading it over well. I also could have used the writing center to get more help since that is what they are there for. The writing center is something that I plan to take full advantage of next semester. I definitely have learned a lot for future classes and papers that I will have to write.
b) Having this class I believe that I have gained a lot of information on different types of papers. Before I just knew how to write a basic paper set up with a thesis statement. At the beginning of this course I was afraid that I would struggle writing these papers and I would not make a good grade. Seeing the grade I have thus far I am…

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