Essay on Research On Young Adolescents And Young Adults

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Research on young adolescents is always breaking new ground due to the ever-changing youth. Doctors and researchers are always finding new innovative ways to assist the students with learning in order for them to excel. The principles and concepts also change with the developing adolescents and their needs. Theories do not change as much, but instead build.
At this point in the students’ lives, they are at a very vulnerable stage. They are transitioning between childhood and young adulthood, looking for a something new to them. Intellectually, these students are in the process of viewing the world in a less concrete way. They are now starting to make their own assumptions and think for themselves. Physically, young adolescents are in a transitional stage. They are growing faster than ever before, creating students who are tall, skinny, short, etc. Socially, students are now becoming interested in the opposite sex and creating new relationships and situations. Emotionally, adolescents are a melting pot however. They have new feelings and triggers that they have not dealt with before. Morally, they have a sense of right and wrong but often look to others to see what they are doing. Due to looking at peers as role models, adolescents often use this to justify their actions even if they know it is wrong. The four essential attributes for effective middle schools are developmentally responsive, challenging, empowering, and equitable. These are important because middle schools…

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