Representative User Testing Using The `` Think Aloud Method `` And Heuristic Analysis Revealed That Www

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Representative user testing using the “Think Aloud Method” and heuristic analysis revealed that suffers from numerous usability issues (Jaspers, 2006). Some of the more notable of these issues were the absence of any pricing information on the more prominent of the website’s two hotel search functions, the presence of competing navigation bars on the homepage, a general glut of information on the site’s “wedding” page that made finding desired information overly difficult, and the inability of users to easily return to the homepage after having visited the “wedding” page. Consideration of these issues, as well as the many smaller ones, led to the decision that many of website’s biggest problems were ones of navigability. Therefore, all major design changes were made to ensure ease of navigation and to enhance the user’s ability look at the webpage and identify a path to their desired information.

The major design change in our first iteration was the redesign of the navigation bar. In the original website, users were introduced to two navigation bars on the homepage. This forced visitors to check both places when searching for specific services on the website. Moreover, since one navigation bar is more noticeable than the other, users often exhausted options on the one, even trying several different links, before noticing the desired information listed plainly on the other navigation bar. We reorganized the page to have all of the navigation…

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