Essay about Renaissance As A Metaphor For The Cultural Prosperity

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Renaissance is the significant era in the cultural history of Europe, which came to replace the earlier Middle Ages and was before the Enlightenment. A distinctive feature of the Renaissance is the secular nature of culture and its humanism and anthropocentrism (i.e. the interest, first of all, to the man and his activities). It was also blooming the interest towards the ancient culture, it was as the ‘rebirth’ of the culture (Brotton).
The term ‘Renaissance’ has found among the Italian humanists, for example, by Giorgio Vasari. In the modern sense the term was put into use by Jules Michelet, the French historian of XIX century. Currently, the term ‘Renaissance’ has become a metaphor for the cultural prosperity.
Renaissance is divided into 4 stages:
1. Proto-Renaissance (2nd half of the XIII century - XIV century);
2. Early Renaissance (beginning of XV - the end of the XV century);
3. High Renaissance (the end XV - the first 20 years of the XVI century);
4. Late Renaissance (mid XVI - 90 years of the XVI century) (Brotton).
Early Renaissance (XIV-XV centuries) in Italian art is primarily connected with the Florence, where the Medici patronized humanists and all the arts.
Artists of Early Renaissance in Italy created a plastic one-piece, having an inner unity concept of the World. Systematically studying the nature, they drew the motifs from the everyday life, filled with traditional religious scene by the earth content. The art of the Renaissance, the main theme of which was…

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