Relationship Between The Business And Business Essay

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The term relationship selling has been used extensively in the last two decades to emphasize on the importance of the relationship between the companies in the Business to Business selling (Morgan, 1999). According to the statistics only 2% of the sales are made during the first sales call so despite the ultimate goal of signing the deal I believe that the first sales contact should be focused on laying the foundations of the buyer-seller relationship, by building a rapport and trust between the salesperson and the prospect and getting to know each other better (Clay, 2009). Implementing those strategies salespeople increase their chances to win the clients trust and sympathy, leading factors which determine the client’s buying decision.

According to Smith, 1984 the opening strategy every salesperson should use for the initial sales contact is to focus on building a great first impression. This is one of the most critical stages of the selling process because as Merlini & Iorio, 1990 argues the first impression lasts forever. Creating a negative first impression significantly reduces the chances of the salesperson to close the sale successfully so the introduction of the sales call should not be taken lightly (Merlini & Iorio, 1990). Those sales people who can master the art of great first impression can have major advantage in building a rapport with their prospects.
Salespeople only have around 30 seconds to make a good first impression and grab the client’s…

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