Essay On Agile Selling

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I am overjoyed that I decided to read Agile Selling by Jill Konrath. It’s not the kind of book I would go out and read myself, but it may be now that I’ve read it. While Agile Selling is a fantastic book for salespeople and marketers, it also provides fantastic tips that anyone can easily retool to use in their own unrelated careers. The primary goal of Jill Konrath’s book is to teach you how to learn new things and learn them fast. Oftentimes we aren’t given much time to learn new topics or key points, especially when we change careers or our current careers take a new path. One of my favorite things that Konrath discusses in Agile Selling is that she details a chapter on having salespeople learn why customers buy what they buy. For some strange reason, I have always pictured selling as a struggle, you have to convince somebody why they would want the product that you’re selling, not that you should find people who want to buy your product. Interviewing customers can also teach you new features about your product that you may not have even thought about, adding another tool for your future pitches that may have taken you a lot longer to discover, if you ever ended up discovering it at all. …show more content…
Oftentimes when I think of selling, I think of constant buzzwords and terms that only seem to serve to frustrate and confuse. It’s not a good mindset to be in, but it wouldn’t surprise me if someone referred to eye contact as “sustained customer to salesperson professional affection.” While I was reading Agile Selling, that type of language was kept to a minimum. When new terms were brought up by Konrath, they seemed entirely justifiable and in fact, needed. One example of this is “trigger events.” Jill Konrath refers to trigger events as reasons why customers and companies change from their previous product to yours. When you can more easily notice trigger events, you can more easily target suitable

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