Relationship Between Technology And Social Change

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Technology and Social Change
Technology refers to the application of science for the purpose of accomplishing various tasks in daily life. It is a field that extends the abilities of humans and makes them a significant part of the technological system. The efficient application of technology results in various benefits for humans, while its misuse may cause devastation. One of the best examples of technology is the evolution of the Internet, which has revolutionized the way people communicate, interact and carryout various tasks. It is the Internet that facilitates the exchange of real-time data and information across the world. On the other hand, social change refers to the transformations that occur in human relations and interactions. Since
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Digital divide amongst various regions of the world that have distinct levels of infrastructure prevent them from integrating into the global economy. In the developing countries, digital divide is uneven as some cities and regions develop rapidly, while other rural areas have a great disconnection in terms of technology. Digital divide not only divides the society into two groups, instead takes various forms of disadvantage, such as lower quality internet connection, higher prices for internet, computers that deliver a lower performance, concerns related to technical assistance and many others. It is the regions with lower socio-economic status that are the worst sufferers of digital divide. Since the speed of technological developments is fast, it is a drawback for the developing countries to catch up with the developed …show more content…
The best example of technology is the Internet, which facilitates exchanging information across the world irrespective of geographic location. The profound impact of technology on humanity has resulted in various changes in the society. While technology plays a crucial role in connecting people together, it however isolates and alienates individuals from the society. It is technology that has revolutionized the face-to-face interactions of people into online interactions. Cultural lag refers to the disturbance of the social order through the invention of a new technology. It disrupts the equilibrium between technology and social organization of individuals. On the other hand, digital divide refers to the economic, social and cultural inequalities arising within the society as only a few percent of the world population has access to digital technology. Apart from having access to technology, digital divide is multidimensional and involves every aspect of the society, such as age, gender, literacy, socio-economic background and many others. Wearable technology is one of the recent developments of technology and offers various benefits, while its consequences are crucial to

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