Relationship Between Good Communication, Healthy Group Dynamics, And Effective Teamwork

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Care Management (Charge Nurse): Clinical Learning Tool

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Describe how you build your team for productivity and efficiency.
a. Describe the contributions of teams and teamwork to quality patient care.
Answer: The charge nurse is responsible for coordinating the client 's care with nursing work group members. The charge nurse works as a team with a social worker, other nurses, CNA, doctors, so the client is prepared for any procedures or departments as schedule. Also, ensure that the client 's needs are satisfied.
b. Discuss the relationship between good communication, healthy group dynamics, and effective teamwork.
Answer: Good communication among health care teams is necessary to provide excellent care the patient and promote satisfaction. Communication skills allow the teamwork to know which plan of care would be best for their patients. Working as a group with a positive dynamic is easy to manage. Team members trust one another, they work towards a collective decision, and they hold one another accountable for making things happen. For example, every morning the charge nurse makes sure all the nurses give a report for all the patients in other to plan for the day and prioritize the patients, who have PICC line, catheter, temporary access, etc. Also, patients who expect to discharge home or the facility.
c. What skills are needed for successful team building and effective team leadership?
Answer: Skills required…

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