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25 March 2012
First Portfolio Essay Assignment
Hey Diana, I am writing this letter today with hopes to inform you about a religions course I am taking. I know you are a history guy so I thought it would be interesting to write about the religious history of America. The United States happens to be one of very few major nations in history to be founded and established on principles of separation of church and state. This book I am reading, “The Religious History of America”, by Edwin Gaustad and Leigh Schmidt, gives a great overview of the different strand of religious development in the United States. They are divided into four fundamental time periods: the Colonial times; the Revolutionary War to the Civil War; Post Civil War to
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Religion played a very important role in the colonization of the Americas by Europeans. It is said that throughout the colonial period, the relationship between Native Americans and colonists is described by act of rage over the rights to land ownership.The Native Americans were close with their environments creating this incredible bond between them and their precious land which has been the foundation of their religious customs. They believed the land looked after them, keeping bad energy. On the other hand, the land was their form of protection from all evil. Long before the European colonization, The Native Americans had a unique system of religious beliefs and rituals. Each tribe was accustomed to its environment. They would often times sing, tell stories and dance to realize their existence and goals in this world. They would discuss how the world was formed and what happens after death. They would question what drives life and why things happen the way they do. Each tribe would then create their own depiction of the world. The Native Americans did not believe in private land and had a strong esteem for nature. Europeans relationship with the Native Americans can be described with love and hate. Europeans originally romanticized Native Americans, but this wasn’t entirely the case. Europeans realized romanticism was the least productive way to gain respect from the Native Americans. So what did the Europeans do? They figured

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