Registered Nurse Personal Statement

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Nursing today is in high demand within our country and our communities deserve quality care. The current nursing shortage is on the verge of becoming a crisis, which may decrease quality of care for patients. I have a passion for helping others and desire to work in the healthcare field. I helped those in need while working for Anthem BC, but my true desire is to become a registered nurse. An unlikely event occurred in 2016 that gave me my inspiration back of becoming a nurse. My son unfortunately had an emergency appendectomy, which required him to then be admitted due to complications. The nurse who cared for my son was friendly, personable, dependable and empathetic, which is everything a nurse should be. These are qualities I posses and will bring to the nursing industry. Therefore, being prepared for the demands of nursing school are vital to becoming an …show more content…
Students are encouraged to work together to succeed, but I was not one that people wanted within their study groups. I am a mother of four, which made classmates assume I had no time for studying or the ambition to prevail. I studied by myself the first weeks, but truly wished I had others along my side. Others can provide different ways of understanding materials or provide experiences that I may relate with. Fortunately, I was one of the few to achieve an “A” on the first exam. After discussing the grades received amongst our table, I suggested we study together. They say, “it takes a village to raise a child”, but I believe it takes a village to succeed at all in life. I worked hard to obtain an “A” in the class, but also wanted my peers to be successful. My classmates realized I was an ambitious student that made time to study and took the class very seriously. By the end of our class we were constantly contacting each other for suggestions, which lead most of to an “A” as our final

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