Registered Nurse Career Essay

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Nurses Registered, and Licensed

When I chose the registered nurse career path, it wasn 't just a quick decision. The licensed practical nurse is what caught my attention. Nurses take on extensive responsibilities when walking through the doors of any medical facility. The educational requirements of a licensed practical nurse are very demanding. You must receive a certification from an accredited licensed practical nurse program, typically from a college. Courses seen in licensed practical nurse program consist of many topics usually a combination of biology, and pharmacology. During this rigorous year of study you also must complete a segment of clinical experiences, which are of supervised. When you have finished your educational
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Registered nurses will often perform physical examinations, help doctors get an accurate health history, coordinate care with other hospital personnel, dress wounds, and even administer
Medication. Also, registered nurses operate in a wide range of settings, from schools to prisons, even homeless shelters. Learning a new skill set is not the easiest task, that’s why when I began looking into nursing I had a lot that I did not understand. One question I asked was, what do registered nurse 's do that licensed practical nurse 's can 't? A good friend of mine said “In a lot of situations licensed practical nurse 's get asked to just as many tasks registered nurse 's are suppose to do because of the shortage of registered nurse 's anymore. ” In the medical field, Licensed practical nurses are very important. Buffering the gap between registered nurses, and the patient. Seeing fewer patients on a daily basis allows for LPNs to excel at giving individual patient 's the best experience while in the medical facility. In recent poll individual nurses said they were seeing up to169 patients per day. With LPNs making these patients more comfortable, RN 's have much more time to expand their services to more

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