Reflective Review of Learning Essay

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Reflective Review of Learning

In this assignment I will be exploring all aspects of my own experiences that I feel have contributed to my current level of understanding of social work theory and practice. I will take into account aspects of my personal life, work life, and my experience so far within the university environment and how this has shaped my learning whilst in level one of the social work degree. I will consider my personal values and how they have developed alongside my learning. I will then evaluate my learning over level one and outline my learning needs for level two.
I am married with three children, white british and from a middle class educated background. I feel I have been lucky in my life and although I have
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This has been reinforced by the birth of my daughter within this unit, and reinforced my own values, as my ability to cope with family and university increased against the odds, due to my personal desire to continue and my needs being listened to and understood by lecturers; this has resulted in my ability to continue the unit whilst being supported by professionals within my workplace and lecturers at university. I have found it useful to hear service user’s views about being on the receiving end of services, and the skills they thought were necessary to provide good social work practice. This experience has supported the importance of good communication, honesty and self-confidence.
The General Social Care Council have published a set of codes for social workers to adhere to, one of these codes is to ‘establish and maintain trust’ with service users (GSCC, 2002, pg. 13). Koprowska points out that in order to convey one’s reliability and trustworthiness, one must follow four principles: be courteous, clear, concise and comprehensive (2005). This means I will strive to make sure I have planned well, attempt to avoid jargon and will keep my language simple, explain everything thoroughly and ensure that I gather all the information that is necessary whilst avoiding repetition, and always address people in the way in which they would like to be addressed (Koprowska, 2005). Remembering these points will enable me to be

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