Reflective Essay On Nursing Perspective

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Nursing perspective is a vital structure to nursing practice because it provides the ethic of caring and help nurses reflects on how their backgrounds influence their practice. For most nurses, their approach to nursing care is adopted and relates to humanistic values of kindness, care, empathy, love and desire to help others. It is rooted in personal beliefs and principles, which is influenced by family, cultural background, religious teaching, education, environment, and other life experiences. This implies that each individual nurse has his/her own framework from which they base their nursing practice.
In many areas, nursing practice is based on one or many theoretical nursing models. The nursing professional continually advocate for the integration of personal nursing perspective and nursing theories into practice to provide principles to guide nurses in their patients’ care (Matney, Avant
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It is influenced to a large extent by my personal background, interaction with other caregivers, patients and families. After a careful assessment, it also revealed that I have incorporated specific nursing theories in my belief system, which has then strengthened the foundation of my nursing practice. As a nurse I believe it’s crucial to posses and offer humanistic qualities to patients and their families in order to promote a good atmosphere for healing. It is important to me to ensure that my nursing practice delivers the best possible care that bring comfort by advocating for patients, teaching, caring, or through quiet presence. My role as a critical care nurse is to ensure that I am present without judgments or prejudices which is fundamental in building a true therapeutic relationship with the patient and their families that is demonstrated by support, caring and commitment throughout their recovery

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