Three Major Tenets Of Jean Watson's Theory Of Caring

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My Personal Nursing Philosophy
An enhanced understanding of patients develops from personal discovery and being self-aware (Durgahee, 1996). I believe that it is of utmost importance for nurses to understand themselves as well as the patients they are providing care to. When caring for others, nurses should be sensitive to their needs, desires, and especially their cultural beliefs and practices.
My personal philosophy of nursing is established from three tenants: caring, competency, and comfort. Based on these tenants, the three theorists that resonate closely with me are Jean Watson, Patricia Benner, and Katharine Kolcaba.
Three Major Tenets of My Personal Nursing Philosophy
Caring, in my opinion, is the foundation of nursing.
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Watson focuses on caring and consciously connecting with patients as a way of healing (Sitzman & Eichelberger, 2017). Like Watson, I believe that when caring for a patient, it is imperative to consciously act in loving-kindness and composure (Sitzman & Eichelberger, 2017). I agree that authenticity is important when caring for a patient, as well. One of Watson’s seven basic assumptions states that person to person interactions is the only way that caring can be adequately shown (Bailey, 2009). I believe that when taking care of patients, you must demonstrate care in order to build a connections and relationships to promote …show more content…
Healthy, helpful, and fulfilling culturally centered nursing improves the health of patients (Sitzman & Eichelberger, 2017). Integrating the patient’s cultural beliefs into the plan of care will most likely improve adherence to the healthcare regimen, satisfaction of care provided, and overall health and wellness. I try to always be culturally aware when taking care of patients from a different culture.

Conclusion Caring, competency, and comfort have always been the basis of my nursing practice. Each of my tenants come naturally to me, I have a desire to provide care and comfort that is competent and skillful to all of my patients. Cultural competent care is essential and can improve the wellness of patients. The theories of Jean Watson, Patricia Benner, and Katharine Kolcaba resonate closely with me and I will use them to grow further in the field of

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