Reflective Essay: Improving Critical Thinking Skills

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With a blink of an eye I can say that this semester came to an end. I still re-call the first day I entered my WRI102 class, with my professor giving instructions on what we are going to do throughout the semester and about her expectations from us. I immediately had the thought that I will not be doing very well in the course. But then I read in the same day this quote, which inspired me to work hard: “Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star” (Stone, n.d.). This is the phrase that I followed throughout the whole semester and it proved to be beneficial. In this reflective letter I will be concentrating on my self-knowledge, writing knowledge, and critical knowledge.
As a result of this course, my writing skills has been greatly improved throughout
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Writing two argumentative essays made me realize how connected writing is with critical thinking. The content selection, required me to search for data that have to be valuable and credible. I had to gather the data either from sources including books and the internet, or from my own memory. After that, I had to chose from what I gathered the most relevant information to support my argument. Writing the annotated bibliography helped me with that, since I had to be sure where each source will be used and how can I benefit from it. The critique itself improved my critical thinking skills, since I not only had to criticize someone’s work but I had to write different drafts for that and criticize my own work to end up with the most presentable draft. I cannot help but mention the great role my professor played in developing my critical thinking skills, and that is by the comments she leaves over my work. By taking her valuable comments into account, I was able to figure out my mistakes and fix them in my next drafts. In a nutshell, I can say that she prepared me well for

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